Monday, April 6, 2009

First Taste of Chocolate

Chubby kid likes to play in the kitchen.  I usually just leave her to play on her own there while I get on Facebook do some work on the computer in the living room.

Lately, she is very good at taking things out from the drawer in the kitchen, including my chocolates.  I usually just let her take it all out and ask her to put them back later on.  Good training for her motor skills in terms of taking things out and putting them back. 

Today, as usual, she took out my chocolates again.  Humming some tunes happily by herself in the kitchen, she seems to busy herself with the task of transferring my chocolates from the drawer to the floor.  I, as usual, was sitting in front of the computer.  Suddenly, I heard something out of the usual routine.


So, I went into the kitchen to check on her.  Sitting and smiling happily on the floor, her mouth seems to be chewing something.


OMGosh!!!  I quickly risked my finger and thrusted it into her mouth to dig out what she had been chewing on.  Guess what?


She ate my KitKat without peeling off the wrapper.  Wrapper, foil and chocolate all went into her mouth.  I was lucky to dig out the foil and wrapper before she had a chance to swallow them but I think she might have swallowed some wrapper already.  She managed to swallow the chocolate and was still smiling happily at me when I tried to check for more wrapper and foil in her mouth.  After what seemed like 10 minutes, she was still smacking her lips, enjoying the after-taste of the KitKat, her first ever bite of chocolate.


Melissa said...

believe me, she would want for more.. hahah.. put the chocolates somewhere higher liao..

Jane Chiong said...

Cannot be helped. The love for chocolates is already in the genes. Hahaha! Love you BB!

chuasteph said...

it was totally unexpected as she never attempted to bite any of those stuffs she took out from the drawer.

Melissa said...

hahaha... now u would have to share your chocolates with her..