Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spice Up Our Lives

Ever since we landed in Liverpool, we have been craving for spicy food/sauce/paste.  Several local sauce/paste were a disappointment so far.  Despite being labelled as hot, those sauce/paste hardly live up to our expectations of hot.  Lesson learnt, we decided to just buy either Malaysian or Thai sauce/paste.

These are not too bad.  We can actually feel the spiciness of sauce.

843 844

And of course, tom yam.




mamamia said...

Steph, why don't u go to Win Yip in Birmingham if you want to buy malaysian and other asian countries stuff? Went there last month and I can't help myself looking for made in malaysia food stuff.

chuasteph said...

malia: ya ka? okok...i go there next month :D