Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Online Shopping

I am starting to get the hang of online shopping.  After my first experience on eBay, I begin to see how easy and convenient it is, especially if certain items are cheaper and delivery is free.

And so I decided to do some more shopping online a few days ago.  This time, I tried the Amazon website.  Being a new member who just signed up, Amazon gave me a one month free trial of its Prime Membership, which include a free next day delivery.  OK, why not? 

So, I happily purchased my item.  And the package arrived today.  Yeah!!!


Just in time.  You see, today is my husband’s birthday.  And the item I purchased is for him.  As usual, because I did all this last minute, I did not have the time to buy some nice present paper.  Instead, I only have the time to scribble some greetings on the Amazon package.


And then I hid the present under the bed.



Darling, I hope you can find the present before you read this.  Happy Birthday! I <3 U!


mamamia said...

steph, i'm sure you will get hook on this. my hubby is one classic example of buying stuff on ebay and amazon :)

chuasteph said...

malia, extremely addictive eh.