Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scenic North Wales

Wales or Cymru in Welsh, is a country next to England on the west.  From Liverpool, a drive to North Wales takes on average under two hours, depending on which part of North Wales you are visiting.  Last weekend, we drove to Llandudno, a seaside resort in Conwy, a county in North Wales.  The journey takes under two hours but upon reaching Llandudno, there was a massive traffic jam because of the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza.  It was crowded with people and the festival was going on full blast.


Scores of people were lining up by the roadside, awaiting the parade along the promenade.


The view by the sea was breathtaking.


This is the Llandudno Pier.


The views here are so magnificent that 360 degrees around us are scenic views that never cease to amaze us.


We headed to the Llandudno pier.


The pier is lined up with shops selling all sort of things.


There is even a “Coffee Bean” here.


Unfortunately, it was low tide at that time, so the water was quite far out.

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It was quite a long walk to the head of the pier.


But chubby kid, being tired of sitting down on her stroller for so long, decided to come down for a walk (and refused to get back on the stroller after that).


We finally reached the pier head.


And found some anglers, casting their lines in hope of catching some big fishes.


This is the view of the mainland from the pier head.  It is quite a distance away, so my compact camera cannot do the wonderful view any justice.


When we headed back to the promenade, lots of activities were going on there.  Apparently, the parade had just finished and there was a massive crowd heading towards the pier as we were squeezing to get through.

On the promenade, we saw the original “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.


There was also a steam tractor, letting out steam that seemed to attract a lot of little children.


Chubby kid particularly liked the fairground organ, enjoying its music tremendously.


The Llandudno Lifeboat on display.


And then there was Darth Vader, strangling some guy who wanted to cam-whore.


This stormtrooper wanted to shoot me.  Help!!!


North Wales has got some really old-fashion looking vehicles.  Look at this bus.


And this motor-scooter.  Cool eh?


We then headed to Conwy town to visit the Conwy Castle.  It is a castle town in that the whole town is surrounded by the castle wall.


Unfortunately, there was not any parking around, so we had to stop somewhere and just take a photo of the castle.  Not a very good location though.  The castle is partially hidden by trees and other buildings.


We then headed back towards Llandudno, hoping that the earlier traffic jam had eased, so that we could go to the Marine Drive, a scenic drive along the coastal area.

We did not complete the whole drive.  Instead, we stopped somewhere when we found a parking lot and we were on the top of a cliff.  And gosh!  The view was awesome.

This is the pathway heading towards the side of the cliff.


The breathtaking views from atop the cliff.

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Can you spot a wind farm far out in the sea?  Those little white windmills in the distance.  (I must get a DSLR soon if I am to travel to these kind of places.)


Notice that there is a cemetery ground further down the cliff.


The view of the mountainous terrain was no less scenic.

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*Sigh* in contentment :-)

The views are also marvellous on the way back.  Looks a lot like views out of documentaries on TV.


This is such a wonderful trip.  I must return to this place again as soon as I have a DSLR :-D.


Nuha said...

nk ikut!!!..kalo i dtg sana u kena bw i jln2.hehe..i teringin nk jln2 dkt sana..

chuasteph said...

nuha, datang la. nanti i bawa u pergi sana. ada lagi tempat kat north wales yang lebih hebat dari ni. tapi jauh sikit, so hari tu kami tak pergi.

Moo Moo Cow said...

wahhhhhh...make me wanna go there looking at all those beautiful sceneries n all...hey, ash look like she slim down...

chuasteph said...

moo, she super slim down. hunger strike at the nursery.