Friday, June 12, 2009

2.5 Years Old

Today, chubby kid is exactly 2.5 years old.  We are rather pleased with her development so far.  She has been doing great both indoors and outdoors.  Although her eye disorder limits her outdoor vision, she seems to function quite well under supervision.

She is increasingly naughty but cute at the same time.  Her physical movements have improved tremendously although her speech still needs some more practice.  We have not yet succeeded in potty-training her.  We only succeed in getting her to sit down on her potty with her diapers and pants on.

She also has issues about wearing short sleeves shirts and shorts, as she is so much used to wearing long sleeves and long pants before this.  She also does not like wearing any unfamiliar, new shoes or sandals, and will only wear her current shoes.


One thing has not changed though.  She still drools as much as before.

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