Sunday, June 28, 2009

Berries Picking

Earlier today was an extremely hot day. It totally felt like being in Malaysia, except the fact that we were surrounded by fields filled with berries. Yes, we went berries picking today.

Because chubby kid could not stand being outdoors in the bright daylight, we had to rush through our berries picking. Thus, I did not take as many photos as I wanted to and the photos were not very good.

At the berries farm, we could see big fields and there were all sorts of berries.


We first went over to check out the blackcurrants but they did not taste very nice. Maybe we picked the not so ripe ones.


Then we went over to the tayberries. Yes, tayberries. It was the first time I had ever heard of such a berry. This is how tayberries look like.


There were also lots of gooseberries.


But of course, they did not look anything like a goose. Instead, they looked like green grapes with veins and furry thorns.


We then went over to the raspberries section to check out the raspberries.


Having tried all the berries, we decided that they did not taste as good as we imagined that they would be. Perhaps, it was due to our incompetence in picking ripe and delicious ones. So, we proceeded to the strawberries field.


And we picked to our hearts’ content.


In total, we picked 1kg of strawberries. Hmm...delicious!



Nana said...

good experience la... i wanted to do the picking here too, but it is pretty far from sydney... plus, tak ada gang :(

chuasteph said...

nana, got gang watch mardi gras, so should have gang go berries picking. force that guy to go with you...hehehehehe...

mamamia said...

steph, where is this place? I am keen to bring my girls to do some fruits picking during their school summer holiday.

chuasteph said...

malia, the place is in wirral, 20mins drive from liverpool.

Nana said...

itu gang x suit do such thing T__T

Jane Chiong said...

I want to go.... !!!! Making me more stressful... have to save $ for the house and at the same time, wanting to go UK!!! Anyone wanna sponsor me???

chuasteph said...

jane, come come. pa says he sponsor u right ;)