Saturday, July 25, 2009

Page Three

I do not read much of newspapers here.  This is simply due to the fact that I do not have the time for it.  Just like how I do not have the time for exercising.  Come to think of it, I hardly have time for myself.  All of my time out of my computer lab is spent with chubby kid.  Every minute of it until she sleeps.  Sometimes, I fall asleep even before she does.

Anyway, back to the newspaper issue.  I have always wanted to blog about this but never have the time to take a photo of the newspaper.  You see,  I was really surprised that the newspaper here, particularly the Sun, costs only 20 pence on a weekday.


It is cheap alright.  But it is not the price that surprises me.  The first time I read the Sun and turned over the front page, my eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.  For on page 3 of every issue, there will be a picture of a half-nude woman staring back at you.


Oh yes, it caught me by surprise the first time I read the newspaper.  I guess it is just my typical Malaysian self that did not expect to see anything like this on the newspaper.  I mean, you would not expect to see anything like this on newspapers in Malaysia, do you?  I do not think that would ever happen in a million years.

But then again, it is not the picture that bothers me.  What bothers me is that, when I read the newspaper in public and the news article next to the half-nude woman is interesting, I am kind of conscious about staring intently into page 3.  I keep on getting this feeling that people walking by would wonder why I am staring at the picture of the half-nude woman when what I am actually doing is trying to read the interesting article next to it.


Saturday, July 11, 2009


When chubby kid sees her papa, she will lovingly call “Papa”.

When chubby kid sees her mummy, she will lovingly call “Money”.

I wonder what is my surface value, whether I am a note or a coin or whether I am GBP or RM.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slimmer Than Mummy

This is just to show how slim chubby kid has become.


I wonder if this is a case of losing those baby fats or the consequence of earlier hunger strikes at the nursery or the fact that she has grown taller.  Nevertheless, do not for one second be deceived by her looks.  She is still very heavy to carry.