Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby, Sit Down

We call chubby kid Baby, although technically, she is no longer a baby. But as always, she will be our baby no matter how old she is.

We will normally tell chubby kid, "Baby, sit down on your chair." and she will happily go sit down on her chair. As her development begins to pick up, she begins to imitate our actions and speech more and more. She would pretend to be in charge and ask various items in the house to sit down, just like how we ask her to sit down.

Bowl, sit down. And bowl would have to sit down on her chair.

Flask, sit down.

Bottle, sit down.

And her most favourite of all, Juice, sit down.

She even pushes Juice around the house in her little toy stroller.

You are so cute, Baby. Mummy and Papa love you so much!


Nuha said...

your daughter is cute and she's also your photostat..hahaha

chuasteph said...

haha nuha, after all those things sit down, they will be all over the floor and then i'll have to clean up again.

Melissa said...

cute cute.. haha..