Sunday, September 20, 2009

Four Seasons

It was exactly one year ago when we landed in England.  Four seasons had passed by us, leaving us with lots of bittersweet memories. 

Autumn was not too bad.  The sight of yellow leaves was actually quite a sight.  It was not too cold even when our bodies were still adjusting to the temperature here.  We began to learn how unpredictable the weather could become.  We had also learnt that using an umbrella when it rained was pretty much useless if the wind was threatening even to blow me away.  And so, we should just walk in the rain wearing a hoodie.

Then came one of the harshest ever winter England had for a long time.  Our first winter was a total nightmare for us.  Living in an old Victorian flat with lots of crevices and an empty basement, the flat was like a freezer even with the heater on.  It was so cold that at times, the outdoors seemed warmer than indoors.  All we could do was to dress up with lots of layers and drink hot drinks.  To make things worse, chubby kid was down with pneumonia and was hospitalized for more than a week.  Despite a very difficult time, the view of our first white winter was quite a sight to behold.

When the cold began to slowly subside, flowers began to pop out from the grounds, signifying the arrival of spring. 

The temperature continued to rise and more and more people began lazing around in open fields and gardens, having ball games and picnics, picking summer fruits, going in throngs to the beaches and getting most out of the sun.  And so, we learn, this is how people here enjoy their summer.

We are now bracing ourselves for another round of four seasons and the lessons that will come with it.

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