Sunday, September 13, 2009

Making the Switch

Some weeks ago, I switched from using Microsoft Windows OS to using Mac OS X.  I bought myself a Macbook Pro and there was a deal that gets me an iPod Touch for a really cheap price.

Switching from a Windows-based system to a Unix-based system is not as difficult as I thought it would be.  Although I needed some time to get use to the interface and learn new shortcut keys, the learning experience is quite pleasant.  I learn more than just configuring my preferences and I am quite satisfied with the progress I am making.  There are still lots of other things that I need to master about Mac but for now, I am taking things easy.  Or rather, I need to concentrate more on my Java programming.

I am having a ball with the iPod Touch applications.  It is the coolest gadget ever.

One thing though.  Blogging becomes a little cumbersome.  That is why I have been off blogging for quite some weeks before my London posts.  I used to use Windows Live Writer in Windows systems but in Macintosh systems, there is no FREE equivalent blogging tool.  I have to use the the Firefox extension called ScribeFire and before I can upload my photos, I have to resize them in iPhoto.  Cumbersome but yet I am thoroughly enjoying my Mac experience :-)


melovesfood said...

Haa..kan I dah cakap.. best kan ? But am not a Mac girl... I'm a viao girl.. hehehe

Melissa said...

nice gadget.. :)

also, enjoy the photos of your london trip. keep us entertained, friend.