Friday, October 23, 2009

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu

Oh well, our trip would not be complete if we did not visit the home of the Real Madrid Football Club, would it?  So, here are some pictures of Santiago Bernabeu.  I have not seen Raul's picture for quite some time and he is still as good looking as ever :-)

Stadium tour costs €15 per adult.

This is the trophy room.

Football boots.

The field.

Players' bench.

Visitors' shower room.  Too bad the stadium tour does not include the home dressing room.

This is the press conference room.

And the tour ends here.

P/S:  There are other photos of the five-storey high seatings, museum, trophy room, VIP seatings (I really like this) and players' tunnel which are not shown in this post.

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