Friday, October 30, 2009

Husa Chamartin Hotel in Madrid

Our hotel was called Husa Chamartin, located just above the Chamartin metro station.

It is a pretty nice hotel.

I did not know why they gave us a suite instead of just a normal room.  So, we had a living room with a dining table, a bedroom and a bathroom/toilet.  This is the living room.

The first thing I saw when I walked into the room was that painting on the wall.  It looked like some blood flowing onto the floor from a wounded person (I must have watched too much CSI).  It gave me an eerie feeling everytime I stole a peek at it, as I tried not to look at it at all.

The bedroom was through another door.

And this is the bathroom.

It was quite comfortable for a five nights stay except that I did not like the painting :-(


melovesfood said...

How much per nite Steph, if you don't mind I'm asking.

chuasteph said...

mimah, on average per night about €63. weekend rate and weekday rate a bit different.