Thursday, October 22, 2009

Madrid, Spain

We got back a few days ago from Madrid, in a trip that I did not thoroughly enjoy due to various reasons that dissipate my excitement.  I will therefore, try to be as enthusiastic as I can in writing about this trip.

I personally like the architecture of buildings in the Madrid city centre.  Every window seems to have this little nice veranda railings.

Here are some of the places we visited.  This is a monument nearby Plaza de Espana.

There was a massive traffic jam all along the Gran Via when we were strolling around looking for a decent place to have lunch.

This is Puerta de Alcala, nearby the Banco de Espana.

We also visited the Museo del Prado, a museum filled with thousands of interesting art pieces.  I only ever heard of Goya and saw some of his work.  Too bad we were not allowed to take any photos inside the museum.

This is an interesting piece of green patch, which apparently is a public artwork.

Sol is the central area which has rows and rows of shops, restaurants and such.  It is quite a happening area and thus, this is where the crowd throngs.

Plaza Mayor is another very interesting place close by to Sol.  There are rows and rows of restaurants here, which are all fully packed on a Sunday.

If only we knew some Spanish, we probably could order some interesting food.

This is the statue of King Phillips III, situated in Plaza Mayor.

Catedral Almudena is a Catholic cathedral just opposite the Palacio Real de Madrid.

The Spanish Royal family do not reside in the Palacio Real de Madrid.  Instead, it is only used for state ceremonies.

We also went to the Plaza del Toros, the bullring, where bull fights take place.

I find these two slanting buildings located nearby our hotel a pretty interesting piece of architecture.

Here are some pictures of night views in Sol.

More miscellaneous photos of our trip over the next few days with shorter blog entries.  I really got to catch up on sleep.



Nana said...

waahhhhhhhhhh i want!!!!!!

melovesfood said...

Kan best kalau Wandi nak pegi Spain!!

chuasteph said...

nana, go go :D
mimah, ajak la dia pegi. but people say barcelona is nicer :D

Woman IN PinK said...

Steph..I know how it felt not being able to communicate with them well. They don't really speak English and also, sometimes they refuse to speak in English. I had the same trouble when I was in Barcelona...I didn't quite like the place.See my older post about barcelona.