Thursday, December 31, 2009

Food in Paris

Croissants seem to be very popular in Paris. I had so many croissants in Paris that I do not wish to see any more croissants for the next three months.

Along with croissants, chocolate drink is also popular. Well, so are coffee and tea for that matter, presumably to warm you up in the cold weather.

Near the area we stayed in, there are quite a number of chinese cafes. They sell all sorts of chinese dishes. It was such a familiar sight and reminded me of food back home.

Nice pastries.

Fresh fruits.

Fresh seafood.

And best of all, soup noodle with wanton.


melovesfood said...

Steph, I must go to Paris because I really loooooveeeeeee croissants.. especially kalau baru keluar dr oven.. i like!!!

chuasteph said...

mimah, had it 5 days in a row. i don't want to see it again for a long time :-)