Friday, December 4, 2009

Non-Stop Coughing

These are the medications given by the consultant at the Alder Hey Children's hospital today.

Short story: Chubby kid is diagnosed with asthma.

Long story: Ask me when I am free to chat.


Melissa said...

oh gosh.. kesian.. but then dun worry.. most kids will outgrown their asthma when they are older. u can try goat's milk if u can find there.. i hear that it is good to warm the lungs, and thus preventing frequent asthmatic attacks.

take care there, dear.

chuasteph said...

thanks melissa. i'm trying to give her lots of heaty food. i have not seen any goat's milk here. so, i guess chinese herbs and cod liver oil will probably help heat her up a little.

Melissa said...

oic... yar.. in cold weather, u can give her some heaty foods. cod liver oil is good.. i hear cordyceps can help for certain ppl only but it can also boost stamina, so u might wanna be careful on that.. hahah..