Monday, December 7, 2009

A Short and Cold Outing to the City Centre

I had not been to the city centre for quite some time. Weather had not been good and there was too much work to do. It had been raining quite a lot lately and temperature dipped to about 4 degrees celcius last week. Weather yesterday was finally looking to be quite good since a very long time. So, we decided to take a walk to the city centre.

The big christmas tree is already up and ready for Christmas.

There was some kind of Christmas bazaar going on and of course, there were throngs of people there.

Wait a minute. What is the Chinese New Year dragon decoration doing at a Christmas bazaar? Oh heck, that just reminds me that CNY next year is going to be another normal day with no celebrations.

Christmas decorations are up all over the city centre and people are shopping to their hearts' content.

The weather was so cold that we had to find some place warm for a pit stop. We decided to visit the Odeon cinema, as we have never been there before. Alvin and the Chipmunks were there but chubby kid refused to pose for a photo with them.

We also managed to walk casually by the ferris wheel in Liverpool One. It had been up in Chavasse Park since weeks ago, but I had not had the chance to go see it.

There was a really long queue; not that I want to go on it. I feared that chubby kid would try to jump out from up there. Plus, it is already freezingly cold on ground level, so I cannot imagine how it is going to feel like up there. We then headed back to our warm and cosy home after grabbing some lunch.

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