Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Free Lego Pack

I quickly poured the pieces out when I got the pack.

And it's a truck!

Now racecar has got a truckie friend.

OMGosh, I feel like a kid.


melovesfood said...

free ka Steph? Where did you get it?

Krystyna Tie said...

so nice..how you get those free stuff ^.^

Nuha said...

don't worry..not only u like that.me too..hehe

chuasteph said...

mimah, ming2, got it from cutting out coupon from daily mirror newspaper and exchange it at tesco.

nuha, got some more last night but i was not feeling well so did not update :-)

Jane Chiong said...

buy more newspaper... one box cost RM30-40. I always buy for angel and bryan.

chuasteph said...

jane, only got 6 types for 6 days. missed out on first 2 days. so only got 4 of them.