Friday, March 12, 2010

When Malaysian Meet Snow

Dug out some old photos from three months ago. What happens when Malaysians meet snow? Here is an example.

That was me, trying to carve a snow angel. And this was the end product.

Oh look! Some invisible person is sitting on the bench.

:-) OK, I know how random this is but I am just trying to de-stress before my hormones get all cranked up.


Moo Moo Cow said...

Hey... I would love to try the snow angel thingy but I think all the rest of the tourists will think I'm crazy if I do that during the China trip. hahaha.. wanna make a snowman... hang on in there ya..sure things will get better soon! :)

chuasteph said...

moo, you should have done the angel thingy in china. don't bother about all the other tourists :-))))))

Snap no Stevun® said...

Hormones....Justin, i feel you, Bro.