Friday, March 19, 2010

Panic Attack Yet Again

I have been in a lot of stress lately. I get hit by panic and crisis every other day and it is getting worse as days passed. To make things worse, next week will be one of the busiest yet. Postgraduate workshop presentation and university poster day all in a week, in addition to chubby kid's appointment at the hospital.

Yesterday, I had a heart-to-heart talk with my supervisor to clear up the air and iron out the crease. I felt somewhat better but as always, the panic creeps back and haunts me. I had earlier on prepared my presentation slides, which I thought was total crap and uncomplete with no results because I had not finished my experiments. I passed it to my supervisor and he said he would give me his feedback the next day. Here is what he says.


I still think the presentation slides are total crap. I have got to beef it up. There goes my weekend, not that I have any weekends for the past few months.


Melissa said...

lol.. that picture looks funny!

chuasteph said...

melissa, i think he's trying to cheer me up :-)