Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feeling Under the Weather

I have been seriously abandoning my blog for quite some time, albeit due to reasons which are deemed reasonable. First and foremost, playing catch up with my study schedule has been given priority. After suffering a few PhD panic attacks, I was seriously depressed for a period of time and putting in more hours of work seemed to ease my panic abit. That was, until I fell sick after clocking in approximately three months of night shift running experiments after experiments and debugging unending bugs. Being down and out for a week taught me to take things easy and it helped to clear my mind to focus better. And so, the night shift ended.

Then come the next urgent matter at hand, the never ending chest infection that chubby kid suffers from. As far as I can remember, she has been coughing for nine months straight, ending up with a chest infection every month. Thus, she has a series of xrays and antibiotics but up till now, the problem has yet to resolve. Everytime she has a temperature, I will not be able to sleep well. It must be a mother's instinct that cause me to subconsciously stay awake throughout the night while my husband snores noisily beside me. With every cough and turn she makes, my hand will land on her forehead to feel if she has a temperature. And that has been happening for the past six days.

It is not helping that I am suffering from flu symptoms at the moment. I feel bloated and nauseous from indigestion and exhausted from lack of sleep. I feel extremely unhealthy and I have a second year progress interview coming up next week. Will I be healthy in time for it?

One thing that I manage to get done is to confirm a placing for chubby kid in a new nursery and she is to start there this new academic year. I wonder if she will go on a hunger strike again like she did before.

When will my woes end?

I think it will never.