Monday, August 2, 2010

Barcelona, the Capital of Catalonia

We came back from Barcelona, all tanned from walking under the sun in temperature of 33C and above. Mind you, it was 18C in Liverpool when we boarded the plane. Our flight was delayed (as usual) and it was pretty late when we reached our hotel. Our room was pretty comfortable and clean, and most importantly, there was air-conditioning.

Despite sleeping quite late on our day of arrival, chubby kid awoke at 6am+ the next day, and therefore, we were out sightseeing quite early. Our first stop was the Arc du Triomf, a smaller replica of the one in Paris.

We walked all the way to Placa de Catalunya, a busy city square and headed straight to La Rambla, a popular pedestrian walkway dotted with cafes and kiosks.

Along La Rambla, there were lots of quaint, little alleys filled with hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Street performers were abundant, but there were just too many people around that I could not snap photos of every one of them. Here is one though.

At the end section of La Rambla, artists were hard at work, producing amazing art pieces, which of course, were sold at exorbitant touristy prices.

And oh, where is Kuala Lumpur? Malaysia, you said? No, it's in Barcelona :-)

This is the Christopher Columbus monument at Port Vell, right at the end of La Rambla.

The view at Port Vell was breathtaking. Lots of yachts were parked there.

This is Maremagnum, a shopping mall in Port Vell. I like its huge mirror ceiling.

We had to walk through the mall to get to the Barcelona Aquarium behind it. Our main reason for going to the Barcelona Aquarium was so that chubby kid could roam around in a dimly lit environment, after being outdoors for so long. Here are some blurry shots with my crappy kit lens.

Here is chubby kid, not totally interested in watching the fishes swim.

A typical aquarium tunnel.

We spent about €50 here for entrance fees and souvenirs, which I thought was not worth it, being inside for only 30 minutes. :-(

More sightseeing in the next post :-)


Alejikos said...

Beautiful city, and as you say in many places the prices are exorbitant because of the huge amount of tourists visiting the city each day.

Barcelona has a lot of things to do and see, unfortunately I was there with my partner only for a weekend. My advice is if you only have a weekend to see Barcelona just book one of this hop on hop off Barcelona is the best way to have a big picture of this
modern european capital.


chuasteph said...

alejikos, yeah, really nice place. the hop on hop off queue was long :D after having read the review that queue is usually long especially in summer, we decided not to use it. since we had the time, we bought T10 tix and use the train to visit the places we wanted to go :-)