Sunday, August 15, 2010

Food in Barcelona

We were way over our budget for food in Barcelona. Food was much more expensive than what we had expected. Walking around so much made us hungry very quickly, and so we had to have a few meals a day.

We ordered tapas in a set of five because we hardly know how to order individual ones in Spanish.

This costed €24 and was our first decent meal of the day, so we practically licked the bowls clean :-).

After more walks, we sat down for another meal. Having tasted sangria in Madrid, we decided to order some more sangria to quench our thirst in the horridly hot weather.

Despite not tasting as nice as the one we had in Madrid, we slurped up the whole glass in minutes.

Of course, we had tapas again.

And chicken paella.

Oh boy, were we hungry!

For dinner, I had more sangria while my husband decided to try the beer. Needless to say, because he had beer and not share my sangria, I was pretty dizzy (read a little bit drunk) after that huge glass.

Oh no, chubby baby, you wait another 15 years, OK?

We had more paella, seafood this time.

And chubby kid had pizza.

Another day, another meal and another seafood paella.

Spaghetti bolognaise for chubby kid.

And berries smoothie.

Enough of sangria for one trip.


Budak Lurpak said...

The "paul" in red gravy tapas looks delicious la plus the chicken paella ... nyum nyum!!

chuasteph said...

mimah, hahaha, mini paul is nice. i wonder how they do the gravy.