Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne is a city also situated by the Lake Geneva. It is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and so, is known as the Capitale Olympique. A direct journey by train from Geneva to Lausanne takes approximately 35 minutes and a return train ticket costs CHF41.20 per adult. This is the Lausanne train station.

The first place we aimed to visit upon reaching Lausanne and after having McDonald's breakfast was the Lausanne Cathedral. Without a map, we just took the steep uphill route based on our hunch and my recollection of Lausanne on Google Maps that the lake is one side of the train station and the city centre is on the other side.

More uphill. Do not be deceived by the photo. It is pretty steep.

Our hunch was very fortunately correct. On our way to the Lausanne Cathedral, we passed by a market in the city centre. I think I read somewhere on the internet that every Saturday, the roads surrounding this area will be closed for the market to operate.

Here is chubby kid, busy surveying the fruits.

More vegetables.

A whole load of different shapes of tomatoes.

A huge Swiss flag.

See how insanely packed the streets are.

Yet another shop selling Rolex. They seem to be everywhere.

I think the sewer cover looks nice :-) (No, I am not out of my mind.)

This is the Lausanne Cathedral.

The view of roof tops of the city centre from the cathedral.

It is a very nice city to visit. We regretted that we could not spend more time exploring every nook and cranny of the city. We hurried off to the train station to catch the train to Montreux, at that time, not knowing how very delightful the Montreux lakefront was.


Nuha said...

cantik btol sayur2 diorg ni..kalo mcm ni mkn sayur je pn x per..nampak segar je..

chuasteph said...

nuha, yalah, fresh sgt la. tengok pun sedap.