Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More of Geneva

For two years in a row, I have not been able to go to the Kuching Food Festival. Therefore, it was a happy coincidence that there was a food and fun fair in Geneva very much similar to the one in Kuching. There were international food stalls with all kinds of food.

There is also a concert stage with performers and a huge crowd watching.

One very interesting stall was the one selling cocktails. They had very intriguing huge glasses in which they stored the cocktails in.

And then there was the games section, where kids and adults went on rides and gambled away their cash for a stuffed toy.

And not forgetting the G-string candy ;-)

The food and fun fair was held in a section along the picturesque lakefront. They even had a huge statue of Michael Jackson there.

In the older part of town, we visited the Cathedrale St Pierre.

Drinking water is abundant throughout the city. Everywhere you go, you see a pipe spurting out drinking water. This is one of them which we filled our bottle with.

Nearby is the Parc des Bastions, a park within the University grounds, showcasing a giant chest set and the Reformation Wall. This is one of the University's building.

Play a game of chess if you are up to it.

The Reformation Wall, featuring statues of prominent figures in the Protestant Reformation.

Another place of attraction is obviously the United Nations office at the Palais des Nations.

There is this huge chair with a broken leg right opposite the United Nations office entrance. I must say it is quite a piece of art to look at.

Behind the huge chair, a series of mini fountains squirt out water every few seconds. Chubby kid just had to cry when the wind blew tiny water droplets onto her face. What a spoilt brat!

We also visited Carouge, a town referred to as the Greenwich Village of Geneva, modelled after the city of Nice in France. Hence, you can see that the architecture of its building is rather different from those in Geneva.

We also stopped at the Plaine de Plainpalais to visit the flea market. It is very much similar to a small section of Kuching's Sunday market.

While on our way back to Geneva city centre, we spotted this very old car. Hard to find nowadays.

Here are some miscellaneous shots in and around Geneva.


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