Monday, September 6, 2010


Early in the morning, on Friday the 13th last month, we drove through our usual route to the hospital. Chubby kid was due to have her bronchoscopy done on that day. In preparation, her last meal was the night before and her last drink of water was only about 20ml at 7am. We were promptly in the day care unit of the hospital before 8am.

After the usual pre-op procedure, we accompanied chubby kid to the operation theatre. I held her hand and we walked in together. She had absolutely no idea what would happen but I was very proud of her for being brave. I had never seen the inside of an OT before, apart from a few seconds of blurry recollection during my emergency caesarian. I had certainly never seen anyone being put under general anesthesia before, apart from myself that is. Chubby kid was knocked out one second after being injected through IV. That was fast. I had to leave her after that.

Some 40 minutes later, we were brought back to the outer room of the OT to bring chubby kid back to the day care ward. She was still unconscious and continued to sleep for another hour.

Upon waking up, she was not yet allowed any drink for another further 30 minutes. Hunger seemed to be showing in her although she was quite taken in by playing with the toy kitchen in the ward. When she finally was allowed a drink, we gave her a bottle of milk and then some custard and rice pudding. She was then discharged after a short discussion with the doctor, who said they did not find anything alarming. Thank God she was her normal self with no side effects showing after that. My worry though, is that she has to continue taking her weekly antibiotics till October. Can that be good? :-(

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