Monday, December 6, 2010

Frosty Anniversary of My Birth

Walking around in temperature of -2C with trees and grass all white with frost is actually quite a sight to behold, if not for the fact that my fingers and nose were numb with acute chill. It was not as bad as the other day when it was -5C but then again, today I am a year older, so that makes me a year more vulnerable to extreme weather. But of course, I thank God and count my blessings that at least Liverpool is not -20C like some place else in the UK.

Somehow, as years passed, and after chubby kid was born, my own birthday was not as significant anymore. I felt more excited about chubby kid's birthday than my own. Heck, I had even forgotten that it was going to be my birthday the other day because my mind was full of chubby kid's birthday.

Oh well, it is just another day and life goes on. Thanks to my loving husband for the gift, the one thing that I had wanted for quite some time. I thought that I would not be surprised but I pleasantly was. Now, I just need to patiently wait for my micro SIM card before I can use it.