Thursday, December 8, 2011

Change of Registration

Chubby kid's registration has been changed from sight impaired (partially sighted) to severely sight impaired (blind).

Her earlier diagnosis of cone dystrophy has also been changed to cone rod dystrophy after the most recent electroretinography test. I guess we will spend our whole lifetime worrying about chubby kid.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

Life does not always go the way you plan it. Take for example; in the midst of the busiest time of my PhD research, little did I expect that I would get the “double line” at the clinic, followed by a tiny heart beat on the ultrasound scan.

And so, what do you know? Nine months later, I find myself becoming a mother again. What a wonderful blessing from God! (Though I cringe at the progress of my PhD research and thesis)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Holiday 2011

Time passed by so quickly that in a blink of an eye, summer was over. I could not even remember when it did begin for that matter. Everything was just a blur of activity. Life had been hectic and exhausting for the past six months. Therefore, there was no overseas holidays planned for this summer, only local ones in the UK.

Once again, we head to London, this time to pick up my mum who came for a holiday. So, of course, we visited the usual tourist attractions in London. I didn't take a lot of photos though. Maneuvering through the crowd was already such a big effort most of the time.

Here is chubby kid, spelling out London Bridge.

We had some lobster noodles in Bayswater as we craved for seafood all the time.

We also tried Gourmet Burger Kitchen's burgers. It was the first time I ate a burger using fork and knife.

Again, because of time constraint, we had to give Greenwich a miss. We had always wanted to go back there after our first time stepping on the GMT line. Perhaps next time.

Chubby kid gave me such a fright one morning when I woke up and saw a large spot of blood on the pillow. Apparently, she had a nose bleed while sleeping.

Back in the North West, we visited the Lake District. It was my first time there. The view was breathtaking but the crowd of visitors was overwhelming. We had a 30-minute boat ride in Lakeside, at the southern tip of Windermere Lake.

Then, we headed to Bowness, which is situated in the middle eastern shore of the Windermere Lake.

We also visited North Wales. This time, we drove a little bit further to Anglesey and enjoyed the wonderful coastal view at Holyhead and Cemaes Bay.

It was the first time I stepped on a pebble beach.

Absolutely fantastic view.

Then, we headed to Bangor to spend the night and visited the pier the next morning.

On our way back to Liverpool, we stopped by Conwy and walked around its town and the Conwy Castle boundary. I have always liked exploring small towns.

Here's chubby kid with Papa, on top of the small slope, getting ready to run downhill.

Found a perfect parking space for a bicycle in Conwy town.

Then we headed for Llandudno. We could not visit the pier because the crowd and cars packed up the whole place. It was utterly impossible to find a parking space. Instead, we drove once again up the scary and steep hilly road to the top of the cliff overlooking the sea and enjoyed a 15-minute break inhaling fresh sea air and basking in the sunshine.

We spend the remainder of Mum's holiday walking around Liverpool, but mostly, it was just us enjoying her cooking, after three years suffering under our limited cooking skills. Then it was time to send Mum back to the airport. After saying our goodbyes, we then headed for one last short break to Cambridge before summer holiday was officially over. The architecture of the historical buildings there was interesting, particularly the colleges. Of course, the famous King's College was quite a sight to behold.

Some other sights around the historical city site.

We had wanted to go punting but chubby kid did not want to, and so, we could not. We just watched longingly from the river bank while chubby kid adamantly insisted that the boat would tip and all of us would fall into the water and get wet. This is what reading too many story books does to your imagination.

We also spent some time sitting by the river bank at a park, watching boats, ducks and swans.

And so, there goes my summer holiday. All over. It's back to work now.