Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Cherished Experience

My experience giving birth in Liverpool Women's Hospital was a really good one. It gave me a whole new perspective to childbirth and it was one of the most rewarding experience I had ever had in my life. The midwives were really great. They took very good care of myself and Baby G and I was truly touched. I see them on their feet almost the whole day, walking in and out of the ward, tending to every patient and checking on all the babies. I later found out that they worked a 12.5 hours shift. Well, I salute them for that and for doing such a good job as well. The healthcare assistants were brilliant too. I will remember for life how good the support from all of them was.

Food in the hospital was another matter. It was not very bad but it was not something I fancied either. They gave us some choices as to what to have for every meal. There were beef burger, cheese sandwiches, scouse and other types of sandwiches. There were also yoghurt, ice cream, crackers with cheese and juice. So yeah, it was alright.

Some mothers in the ward delivered through natural birth and therefore, recovered very quickly and were walking around looking very strong and healthy while I was lying still in bed afraid to move too much. A lot of them were already breastfeeding their babies. Some breastfeeding support worker came over to talk to me about breastfeeding but I did not attempt to breastfeed Baby G until the third day, as I was in pain and had my phobia of moving too much lest my wound would split open.

We were discharged at night on the third day. There were a lot of procedures and paper work before we could be discharged. The midwife first had to give Baby G a thorough physical check and to go through our family medical history. When all was done, she said that we could go, and so proceeded to remove Baby G's security tag. I did not know that it was a security tag, thinking that it was merely an identification tag. The moment the midwife cut off the security tag, the alarm in the whole ward sounded. She must had forgotten to de-activate it and quickly ran away to de-activate it I presumed. Another midwife quickly ran in after she left, calling out and checking if every baby was accounted for. Well, having witnessed first hand how secure everything was for the babies in the ward, I for one, was truly impressed. You could not even kidnap your own baby out of the ward if you wanted to.

So, after that mini drama, we put Baby G in her new car seat, strapped her up, wrapped her up warm and went down to the carpark. It was a cold, rainy, dark and wintry night. I felt relieved that we were finally going home and could not wait for chubby kid to meet her baby sister.


Nana said...

my tears just fall after reading these 3 latest posts :) indeed a precious moment

chuasteph said...

nana, awww...it is a joyful experience for you as well i'm sure.