Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chubby Kid Meets Baby G

It was not quite what we expected. When we were discharged from the hospital, it was already quite late and chubby kid was fast asleep when we reached home. We did not want to wake her up, so chubby kid could not meet her baby sister face-to-face yet. We all slept in the same bedroom and so, in the middle of the night, Baby G, as usual, started to cry out loud for her milk. Chubby kid woke up suddenly, not knowing what was happening and was terribly frightened by the unexpected foreign loud wailing. She began to cry too out of fright. I felt really bad that she was frightened in this manner, not knowing that her baby sister had come back and not having seen her baby sister yet.

So, it was a disastrous first encounter. I had not quite anticipated that it would be this way. After this, chubby kid was very afraid of her baby sister. She would not dare to go near her and would keep her distance, particularly so when Baby G started to cry. Looking back at this, I understood that it must had been a scary experience for chubby kid. After all, she could not really see very well and I imagined, for a severely impaired person to see a small crying baby and not understanding what the situation meant, must had frightened the wits out of her. I compared that to my own fear of dogs, and I truly understood how she must had felt.

Chubby kid's fear of Baby G continued for another three weeks. In the three weeks, we tried many ways to alleviate her fears. We would carry Baby G close to her but she would quickly move away. When Baby G was in the room, she would not go in. She would just keep her distance the best she could. Sometimes, Baby G would be asleep in my arms, but because chubby kid could not see that from a distance away, she would happily come to me, only to realize that I had Baby G with me and she would quickly move away in fear. We tried and tried various ways, until finally, my mum managed to persuade her to come closer. She came closer but eyed Baby G warily. After much persuasion from my mum, chubby kid finally gave Baby G a kiss and then quickly moved away again. Then, there was another kiss, and another. And the barrier was broken, finally. Chubby kid ever so gently stroked Baby G's head and gave her another kiss. Before long, she was kissing her all over the face and head, holding her hands and stroking her cheeks. And the best part was the big smile on her chubby face.

It was such a joy to watch.


Nurrul Mohamad said...

awwww (i really dont have other words to say after reading this)

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