Monday, July 16, 2012

Home Visits

The community midwife came to our home to visit Baby G and me on the seventh day. She checked my C-section wound, checked and weighed Baby G and gave various advice on baby safety and breastfeeding. A week or two after that, her assistant came again to do a heel prick for Baby G to get her blood sample for routine tests. The health visitor also came to register Baby G, check her, and give lots of advice on various baby problems which we might encounter. She came again a month after, just to follow up and check that Baby G is developing fine. In addition to all these, the breastfeeding support worker gave me a call, to check how I was faring with my breastfeeding, again giving advice on how to get the best breastfeeding experience. She also suggested that I could attend the breastfeeding clinic for more support and advice, which I did and found it to be immensely useful.

We would never get all these home visits and support calls in Kuching. I think not even if we pay for it, needless to say getting it for free.

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