Monday, July 30, 2012

So, Are They Normal?

Chubby kid's eye disorder is genetic in nature. Therefore, we were quite worried with the news that I was pregnant back then. The obvious worry was what were the chances that Baby G would get the same eye disorder. How chubby kid had cone-rod dystrophy was still uncertain. No one in our family in the last two generations had this eye disorder. The geneticist whom we saw previously had explained her condition to us. There were two possibilities: (1) Both my husband and I carried a recessive gene which became dominant in chubby kid. (2) Chubby kid had a gene mutation. Whichever it was, the genetics team could not tell and could not perform any tests currently. Therefore, if it was possibility (1), then there is a 25% chance that any child/children we have in the future would have chubby kid's eye disorder. If it was possibility (2), then the % of future child/children that we have getting chubby kid's eye disorder would be very much less. So, we could just pray and hope for the best for Baby G.

After Baby G was born, we arranged for her to be checked at the Alder Hey eye clinic, where chubby kid had her check up. This appointment was arranged for when Baby G was at two months old and at this point, the eye test did not show any abnormalities. They of course cannot rule anything out until they perform an electroretinography, which is scheduled for when Baby G is older.

From the first day Baby G was born, I looked out for symptoms of chubby kid's eye disorder in Baby G every single day. The most obvious symptom would be nystagmus, which would be quite easy to pick out if it were present. So, day after day, I looked into Baby G's eyes. Day after day, I prayed that they would be normal. And day after day, it became more and more obvious that Baby G did not have chubby kid's eye disorder. She hits all the developmental milestones which chubby kid did not. She does not squint. Her eyes can follow the objects that we hold in front of her. She looks directly at our faces and eyes. She interacts socially with us. She smiles. Chubby kid did none of these at her age.

It is certainly a big relief. Thank you God for Baby G and for all the other blessings granted upon us.


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